Exhibition archive  3-24 Sept 2005  

Art News

3 - 24 Sept 2005


Gordon Cheung, Chris Cook, Martin Creed, Alex Hamilton,
Hugh Mendes, Kim Rugg, Gillian Wearing, Eva Weinmayr

Curated by Hugh Mendes

Top 10 Billionaires 2003

Newspaper has been an important material in the artist's studio ever since Picasso collaged 'JOU' onto a cubist painting almost a century ago, transforming a throwaway scrap of paper into art. In the mid-century, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg both used newspaper, sometimes investigating political significance in their choices. Many contemporary artists are rediscovering this ubiquitous daily object as a site of beauty, political opposition, formal device, or just a convenient medium for their art. Art News brings together a group of artists who explore the possibilities of this most ephemeral of media.

Not surprisingly, many artists work with the building blocks of paper itself; letters. When Turner Prize winner Martin Creed was asked by the Independent to do a project on their pages, he requested a whole page on which to print the alphabet in sucessive days. Kim Rugg cuts individual letters from the paper and rearranges them alphabetically, in a strange, obsessive pursuit of purity and order. Other artists enact a kind of redemption: Hugh Mendes paints fragments of newspaper, preserving a bit of obituary or snippet of photojournalism, while Gordon Cheung creates haunting landscapes from the Financial Times.

Art News promises to be a powerful exhibition by contemporary artists who wrench beauty and meaning from newspaper, that paltry scrap of the everyday.

Text by Craig Burnett; a writer and the assistant editor of the V&A Magazine. He is a frequent contributor to publications including Frieze, Contemporary, Art Review and Art Monthly.

Art News was first exhibited at Three Colts Gallery, London 2004 featuring works by both established art world figures (including 2 Turner Prize winners) and their emerging successors, is curated by Hugh Mendes and supported by the British Council USA

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