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23 April - 25 June 2005


Artists' approaches to
buildings and architectural spaces



Overlit Realm - Gordon Cheung
Overlit Realm
- Gordon Cheung 2005
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Plans are underway for the transformation of the Storey Institute into a Centre for Creative Industries. This development will involve complete refurbishment of the Storey Gallery, and extensive upgrading of the whole building to make it suitable for 21st century use.

To reflect this impending transformation of the gallery and the building, the Storey Gallery exhibition programme for 2005 will engage with ideas about architectural spaces in general, and about the Storey Gallery space itself.
Many contemporary artists are inspired by buildings and architecture. The exhibition, Building Capacity, has been specially curated by the Storey Gallery and presents a selection from the wide range of this type work which is currently being produced in the UK. The exhibition includes artworks which are directly representational, pieces which treat buildings as abstract shapes, and others in which buildings are sites of the imagination. Some works reveal domestic interiors and others show public spaces. The artworks deal with interior and exterior, the real and the imaginary, the representational and the abstract.



Building Capacity shows the responses of six artists to the buildings we inhabit, pass through, and imagine. Gordon Cheung produces paintings which present alternative realities of buildings and landscapes. David Gledhill’s paintings represent suburban and public buildings. Lucy Gunning’s video, Climbing round my room, explores a domestic space without touching the floor. Hiraki Sawa’s video, Dwelling, is set in a suburban flat in which aeroplanes land on the table. Alison Turnbull’s abstract paintings are based on architectural plans of hospitals.

The exhibition also includes Virtual Storey, a virtual walk-through of plans for development of the Storey Institute, including specially commissioned artworks.

Brueghel's Highway - Gordon Cheung
Brueghel's Highway - Gordon Cheung 2004
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Sleepwalker - Gordon Cheung

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  Sleepwalker - Gordon Cheung 2004
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Many thanks to Mark Turner and Andrew Wolfsen for the loan of Gordon Cheung's paintings for this exhibition.

The Storey Gallery receives financial support from:
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