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Faux Realism

Faux Realism part 1

17 March - 15 April 2005

Given that there are an infinite number of possibilities at any given moment, our perception often fails us. Where can we find recognition of the interconnected subtexts, subplots, narratives and meta-narratives in which we indulge? Can the secret truths we harbor about our individually wrapped worlds ever be adequately explained?

This is Faux Real, an exploration of what lies just beneath, below or through the surface. By sampling and collating clues, signs and signifiers in a seemingly logical way, these artists present us with something that allows a suspension of belief; it’s like discovering the notes of a detective who’s been searching for the name of God. Faux Realism aims to plot recognition of synthesis or slippage between the actuality of what we see and the inner reality that occurs within. A third space is created. A shimmering space where things swim in and out of focus, a phenomenon Vasari called the aesthetics of disappearance.

With the Faux Real we are shown things that seem to resonate, that flicker in and out of our existence. Unsure if they are concrete or real, we are asked to accept a form of synesthesia and indulge the possibilities.

Faux Realism part 2 will be exhibited at Rockwell Projects (click for info)

Gordon Cheung
Anne Hardy
Reece Jones
Alex Gene Morrison
Gavin Tremlett

War of Reason


Royal Academy Pumphouse Gallery
New River Avenue
London N8

nearest tube: Turnpike Lane 5mins


Opening times:
Thurs to Sun 12-5pm

Closed on Bank Holidays


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