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Gordon Cheung, Reece Jones, Simon Keenleyside,
Alex Morrison and Gavin Nolan

Curated by Simon Rumley and Ed Burke

Wooster Projects
418 west 15th street 
New York, N.Y. 10011

Tel  (212) 871 6700  
Fax (212) 871 6988



Supernatural 2005
enlarge / detail



Hi-Rises 2005
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Wooster Projects exudes the vibrant colors of Pop Art and the fresh energy of emerging artists upon the gritty cobblestone streets of New York City’s Meat Market.
Pop Art explores the everyday imagery of contemporary consumer culture. The emphasis is on the familiar such as billboards, comic strips, magazine advertisements and supermarket products. Art critic Margaret Morse explains that Pop artist’s anticipated the visionary power of the ordinary on a consumer-driven culture that values the brand name and iconic item above individuality.

Wooster Projects is New York’s source for Pop Art, transporting Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes” to the meat of the city. Warhol defines pop perfectly, “Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything”. The gallery has an extensive inventory of Warhol’s unique works on paper, paintings, drawings and limited edition prints. Wooster Projects’ exterior walls act as a revolving door for showcasing Warhol’s iconic images alongside renowned Pop artists such as Lichtenstein, Wesselmann and Oldenburg.

The Gallery is committed to providing an exhibition space for new art and artists. They support up and coming artists in developing an audience through providing an arena where new work is viewed in the presence of iconic artists. Introducing emerging artists into the thriving art scene in the Meat Market/Chelsea area cultivates an appreciation for the crucial role that artists play in the community.

This fall the Gallery will host two shows for “New London Kicks”, a group of young artists represented by Simon Rumley. The first opening October 6th 6-9 pm will be the men of the group, which include - Reece Jones (charcoal drawings - major part of the Saatchi collection), Simon Keenleyside (fantastic/dream-like imagery-escapism- the 1st recipient of the BOC Emerging Artist Award 2002-03), Gordon Cheung (Currently exhibiting in what is widely regarded as one of the most important exhibitions in the UK art calender: The British Art Show 6) Gavin Nolan (surreal, colorist) and Alex Gene Morrison (acid-punk paintings, radioactive waste “toxic yellow” slide off his canvases like slime).

The second show opening November 3rd 6-9pm will be the women of the NLK Group including: Rui Matsunaga (paintings consisting of a mix of animation and mythology revealing a persons’ persona), Hannah Wooll (Doll size models scaled up and painted human size which heighten their absurdity as if a strange hybridized species has evolved), Sarah Dwyer (Inspired from nature, Sarah’s paintings are a combination of realism and imagination), Miho Sato and Katy Moran.


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