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Bernd Behr (UK), Gordon Cheung (UK), Young Chung (US), Fred Fleisher (US), Stanislao di Giugno (Itlay), Emma Hedditch (UK), Lee Holden (UK), Jan Hofmann (UK), Immo Klink (UK), Ryan S. Lemke (US), Amanda Matles (US), Hugh Mendes (UK), Sladjan Nedeljkovic (Ger), Trong G. Nguyen (US), Gail Pickering (UK), Dafna Shalom (US), Joshua Stern (US)

Co-curated by Anne-Sophie Dinant (London), Koan Jeff Baysa and Ryan S. Lemke (NY)

Opening reception: Fri 7 Oct 6-9pm

A second event will coincide with the Frieze and Scope Art fairs: Wed 19 Oct 5- 8pm

The first USUK show took place at the Lab Gallery, New York City during the Armory and Scope Art fairs. The second USUK show will coincide during the Frieze and Scope Art fairs the third week of October.
Three Colts gallery is now pleased to present the international group exhibition USUK co-curated by Anne-Sophie Dinant (London), Koan Jeff Baysa and Artist Ryan S. Lemke (NY).
The group show will problematise reactions to modern capitalist ethics by addressing mounting tensions and the political agendas of the two countries presently waging war on the Middle East. The selected artists question their governments’ ethics through a critical response to their own nation’s political stance.

Each artist will share his or her personal vision and contemporary practice whether expressed though painting, video, photography, installation or performance. A selection of works by 17 New York City and London East End-based artists references modern day politics. Each work will retain its specific individuality, whilst operating as part of a broader exchange of viewpoints and ideas.

Oct 7 - Nov 6 2005
Thurs-Sun 12-6 pm or by appointment.

Three Colts Gallery
Unit 207 (2nd Floor)
Greenheath Business Centre
off: Three Colts Lane
Bethnal Green
London E2

020 7790 0995

This exhibition is generously supported by the Arts Council of England.
Gordon Cheung will be showing new work supported by Arts Council of England for this exhibition.



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