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5th April – 5th May 2007 - Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, London UK


Dream Home

An Exhibition of Artists who consider the Imagery and false promises of the 'Dream Home'

Faisal Abdu'Allah / Hurvin  Anderson / Gordon Cheung / Andrew Dodas / Felix Friedman / Raimi Gbadamosi / Victor Greetham / Guy Harvey / Saron Hughes / Glynes X Jacques / Paul Jones / Thorsten Knaub / Kevin Osmond / Si Sapsford / Kit Wise / Sonja Wyndham-West

Curated by Paul Jones and Liga Kitchen

Private View: Wed 4 April 6-9pm

Award winning artist Paul Jones raises the curtain on the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, London Bridge, Bankside by curating and participating in a show inspired by the eerily haunting song, “In every Dream Home Heartache” by cult band Roxy Music.

The dream home inspires myriad fantasies. Having roots pervasively spreading from 30’s middle America, depression to skyscraper, to 21st century Internet romance to Space Emigration. It is the idea, not the reality which is mesmerising, intoxicating at heart, and a paradoxical source of terror.

Jones has chosen artists diverse in their medium and perspectives echoing the essence of the dream home phenomenon. The extrapolated title ‘Dream Home’ evokes florid imagery and false promises. It is the aesthetics of the psyche which struggles with this illusion in an attempt to fix a reality.

Every dream can become a nightmare; a home becomes the unheimlich of estrangement. How familiar is the disorientation of returning to a place one has left long ago. Essentially it is this quality of feeling which is explored by this oxymoron, for how can a dream be a home, or a home a dream? How does the smallest object hold the sensation of belonging, when a home can be a place of profound displacement.

Si Sapsford explores this idea of belonging through the sad impossibility of putting back together that which devastatingly broken beyond repair in the emotive piece ‘Vase’: “The emotion that is invested in this object, and what it represents, makes it the focus of a particular emotional history. The compulsion to attempt the impossible, and to keep trying is irresistible”. Si Sapsford


Novas Contemporary Urban Centre
73-81 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 0NQ

5 April – 5 May
Mon- Sat 10am–6pm



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