June 7 - June 15 2008 -  St Patrick’s College, College Street, Carlow, Eire



Éigse Carlow Arts Festival 2008

We Don’t Need Nobody Else

Curated by Rob Lowe

As part of Éigse Carlow Arts Festival 2008, We Don’t Need Nobody Else brings together the work of artists from Ireland, the UK and further afield. Located in St Patrick’s College, the historical and educational heart of Carlow town and county, the show attempts to engage with this setting, touching on notions of the visible and the part- or un-seen, the individual and the mutual, and the search for connection with another.

The starting point for the show is some of the fixations of art, namely the capturing of reality, myth and fiction, reverie and nightmare. These preoccupations are not the subject, theme or byline for the exhibition; instead they give grounding for individual artist enquiry. The works use, and endeavour to connect with, what appears to be immediate, and everyday, close, recognisable and within grasp. They consider surroundings, things, places, people, the past. The familiarity, though, falls awkwardly on the eye and the memory. The works ask for an altered gaze, a shift in stance or even of beliefs. They may require a different, harder, unflinching sense, or instead a renewed innocence or regression. They may tug at the comfort of the habitual look, pull at what is known and identifiable, and usher towards something unnerving, broken, or incomplete.

The shift makes for solitary viewing; and yet, surely an intention for art is reassurance, a shared way of looking.

We Don’t Need Nobody Else reflects on the self-dependence of the individual and the need for the communal, and explores the unsettling nature of attempting to recognise another’s imparted view.

The exhibition includes work by the following artists: Steven Aylin, Paul Becker, Anna Bjerger, Gordon Cheung, Vanessa Donoso López, Erica Eyres, Andrzej Jackowski, and Justin Mortimer.

Sat 7 – Sun 15 June 2008
11am – 7pm

St Patrick’s College
College Street
Carlow, Eire

Justin Mortimer discusses his paintings and working practice.
Sunday 8 June, 4pm

Vanessa Donoso López in conversation with Mark St. John Ellis, curator of the Ashford Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin.
Saturday 14 June, 4pm


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