Carré d'Art - Museum of Contemporary Art, Nimes France
Exhibition from 13 Oct 2009 - 3 Jan 2010

Artists on show: Daniel Arsham, Gordon Cheung, Chris Cornish, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Cyprien Gaillard, Laurent Grasso, Michael Landy, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Tobias Putrih

Projections is to include works by about ten artists whose approaches have their common denominator
in their interest for manipulations of time, sometimes with reference to science fiction, sometimes directly driven by a re-examination of what has been learnt from modernism, particularly in architecture. Born after decades of video production and sophisticated images, they go beyond the notion of the show to enquire into perceptual schemas and the possibility of inducing a fiction.

“What all the films have in common is being able to carry perception off elsewhere. As I write this, I’m
trying to remember a film I liked, or even one I didn’t like. My memory becomes a wilderness of elsewheres.” A Cinematic Atopia, 1971; Robert Smithson’s description of this new mental space peopled with images is close to the imaginary world with its mixed times, virtual and real, that underlies the works of a whole younger generation. On this point, the projection of the Chris Marker film The Jetty at the exhibition entrance in Argos Cinema, a cardboard structure produced by Tobias Putrih, is programmatic.

Like a utopia, the atopia described by Smithson is a space with no physical localization. The works on show often take as their starting point the dross of the day — abandoned architectures, sidelined hypotheses, scenarios that pull up short. Some of the selected works show real competence in the fields of 3D and simulated spaces (Chris Cornish). They also embrace questions of shifting, of potentialities, induced by the storage and memory of digital data (Jean-Pascal Flavien), but can also mark a strong interest in “outmoded” techniques such as engraving (Cyprien Gaillard) and illustrative or popular drawing after the style of Gustave Doré (Daniel Arsham) or Camille Flammarion (Laurent Grasso). Most have a documentary underlayer, whether it be in the form of a film theatre (Tobias Putrih), climate data collected by a weather station (Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle) or an artistic event like the Homage to New York, a machine programmed by Jean Tinguely to self-destruct, a recurring theme in science–fiction and the subject of the H2NY series by the British artist Michael Landy. Discontinuity, the question of models, experimentation, the break, the passage, all these are notions that mould the exhibition itinerary.

The vernissage will be followed by the presentation of a performance danced by Daniel Arsham, Jonah Bokaert, Judith Sanchez Ruiz (lasts 45min)

The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication of a trilingual catalogue (French, German, English) including four essays by Jacqueline Lichtenstein, professor at the Sorbonne, Claire Brunet, psychoanalyst, Beatrice von Bismarck, teacher of the history of art and
visual theory at the HGB, Leipzig, Jürgen Harten, honorary director of the Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf.

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