Time is Sausage

18 Sept - 19 Dec 2009
Opening: Thurs 17 Sept 6-8pm

Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Anisa Sarah Hawes, Anon, Ansel Krut, Benjamin Swaim, Charlie Tweed, Christopher Hanlon, Claudia Sarnthein, Denis Glaser, Eglé de Richemont, Eric Gill, Felicity Powell, Gerard Wilson, Gordon Cheung, Harald Smykla, Haris Epaminonda, Henry Krokatsis, Ian Homerston, James Brooks, Jeffrey T Y Lee, John Strutton, Kim Noble, Lara Viana, Lee Edwards, Lucy Pawlak, Marcel Dinahet, Marino Marini, Matthew Wilkinson, Maurizio Anzeri, Mhairi Vari, Miho Sato, Neil Hedger, Nicolas Deshayes, Phyllida Barlow, Prunella Clough, Rachel Adams, Ron Haselden, Sharon Kivland, Siân Pile, Stephen Dunne, Steve Johnson, Susan MacWilliam, Tom Dale, Walter Swennen, Xanthe Mosley

A Poem reasoning what is Time which stopped
Making Sense when i made It Rhyme

Time is a sausage and thyme is a herb
Time is a doing word but not a verb.

The present divides the future and past,
What could happen next and what happened last.

Black holes, mountain tops or the equator
Force us to make time early or later;

Linear, cyclical, dilation, space,
Pastimes and good times or one moment's grace;

The time of the season or of our lives
Nothing which makes up these things will survive.

Running and passing and ticking on clocks
Metering out evenings with each of its tocks.

We live in a bubble where time is squeak
But you will forget that this time next week.

(sonnet: Iphgenia Baal on 31.10.08)
(image: Susan MacWilliam, 'The Only Way To Travel'
(installation view at Harland and Wolff, Queen's Island, Belfast)
DVD, 2008, colour, stereo, 38:30min.)

Gallery 2: Time is a Sausage (A Show of Shows)
8 autonomous exhibitions will each contribute, be it through gesture or residue, to the exhibition in Gallery 1. 'Time is a Sausage' will not remain static but will evolve in tandem with 'A Show of Shows'. This 3 month long exhibition will close on 19th December, with a gig and a party at a venue to be confirmed in December. Openings will take place on the following Thursdays at 6–8pm:
17/09 – 26/09 Susan MacWilliam
17/09 – 26/09 Ron Haselden
01/10 – 10/10 Neil Hedger
15/10 – 24/10 Walter Swennen
29/10 – 31/10 Kim Noble
05/11 – 07/11 Harald Smykla
12/11 – 21/11 Phyllida Barlow and Steve Johnson
26/11 – 05/12 Sharon Kivland
10/12 – 19/12 John Strutton and Lucy Pawlak

T+44 20 7242 9604  M+44 7801703871

Thurs - Sat / 12 - 6 pm
and by appointment.


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